Struggling to Meditate without Pain?

This simple adjustment can make the difference between years of struggle and an effortless sitting practice.

Find the Pocket

If you sit with poor posture, toughing it out doesn't work. The more you persist at sitting poorly the better you get at poor sitting. But just trying to "sit better" doesn't work so well either. You may have noticed. "The pocket" of easy balance is where you really begin to improve. What is the pocket? It's the zone in which your body is aligned nicely in gravity, without having to strain somewhere to hold yourself up and without slumping over. From there you can move and breath freely, allowing your body to settle into comfortable and sustainable uprightness. And you can find it in no time at all.

The first thing to do is set yourself up to succeed. That's what this quick guide is about: showing you a fast way to get into the pocket so you can take advantage of gravity instead of fighting it or allowing it to pull you down. From there, as you meditate and continue to explore your posture, you are doing so from a position that allows you to make the most gains. Once you are in the pocket the exploration starts getting fun and interesting. So download the Quick Guide and find your ideal pocket. We'll talk on the other side...

Chris Moffett

Chris Moffett, Ph.D., teaches philosophy and education in New York City, and art and movement at museums and other institutions worldwide. He is fascinated by the complexity and beauty of simple things like sitting.