Module 4. Stillness in Movement


Pouring and Reversibility (55 minutes)



Guided Movement Meditation: Smoothness (12 minutes)



The Stillness in Movement, the Movement in Stillness

To point out the elusive obvious: we are exploring how to sit still more easily largely by learning to move more easily. Sitting still is actually anything but still. It is the teaming balance of all of our self continually adjusting and subtly moving from moment into moment. This is the movement within living stillness.

But we can also bring our attention to the stillness within movement: the way in which movement can settle into a kind of smooth ease, so that even as we are moving there is something relaxed and still about it. We pour from moment to moment rather than striving to displace ourselves into some far position. By attending to this fluidity we can also notice that it allows for a kind of reversibility. At any moment we can slow easily and pour back the way we came. These are ways of attending to the stillness in movement, so that even as we are moving we can find ease…