Module 7. Breathing (The Movement within Stillness)


Breathing with All of Yourself (42 minutes)



Guided Movement Meditation: Breathing (12 minutes)



Breathing: The Movement within Stillness

Sitting still is anything but still. As you breath your whole body responds, not just your diaphragm, belly or chest. Learning to let go of the inhibitory tension in different parts of yourself that keeps this full expression of the breath, leads to breathing with your whole self. As you breath it is possible to feel the movement down into your legs, and coordinating with your balance and the dynamic movement of your spine. By contracting and expanding through your whole self, you maintain a stable easy stillness–a stillness that is not the opposite of movement, but its culmination.

Don’t try to change your breathing. Just notice how it is.

With breathing we learn to let our movement come full cycle. It is no accident that attending to the breath is one of the common way of meditating. It is a beautiful way in to discovering the movement that is at the heart of stillness. All of the movement explorations we have done up to this point, allow us to sit more and more in a fashion that allows the breath to be free and easy. Balance and breathing learn, over time, to move together, resulting in a dynamic, easy stillness.

Let me leave you with this excerpt from a zen story:

Excerpt from the story "Great Waves"