Module 3. Beginning in the Middle


Initiation and the Abdomen (49 minutes)



Guided Movement Meditation: Initiation (19 minutes)




Take your breath, for example. It seems easy enough to locate the moment you start to take in a breath. Except that the closer you look, the more elusive that moment becomes. Each inhale and exhale emerges out of the other, each begins the other.

By the time a movement is executed, all the interesting bits–the complexity and curiosity that will venture forth–have already been put in play. There is a beginning before the beginning, that we tend to jump over. We tend to think that it is in the end position—stretching or holding—that something will be gained.

As you do these lessons, practice doing less. Everything is in the (non)beginning. Just repeating a movement each time accomplishes little. Instead, before you begin the movement each time, pause, and listen for the subtle organization throughout your whole self, out of which the ostensible movement will emerge. Be curious each time…

Beginning in the Middle

Every beginning takes place in the midst of things. Last time we looked at the way in which balance can emerge out of moving left and right. The lessons in this module will clarify movement forward and back, enlisting the middle of yourself in rolling through the middle. As you begin the movements in the middle of yourself, listen for the response of all of yourself, so that as you roll your pelvis you can feel the shifting movement in your legs, torso and arms as well. Each time, begin again, and see what it is like…