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The Feldenkrais Method and the Posture of Meditation Sitting

Welcome to the Challenge… Call it a fascinating paradox: the Feldenkrais Method is often discovered as a last resort once the usual “practical” strategies are exhausted. Practical movement, either as a therapeutic or learning medium, is typically reduced up front to a mere exercise: displace something from here to here, enough times and with adequate […]

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What’s Wrong with this Image of Meditation?

Take a look at this image of meditation… If you Google “meditation,” you’ll see hundreds of images of meditation just like it. (Take a second and try it, if you want.) The most obvious thing about it is how typical it is: a typical image of ‘someone having an a-typical experience.’ Meditation. You could imagine […]

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What I Wish I Had Known as a Beginner at Meditation

The Reluctant Meditator I have to be honest, when I was beginning meditation I never really got it. I gave it a try because my Tai Chi instructor got into it, and started adding it into our practice. At the time I was already practicing Tai Chi two hours a day, and frankly, I just […]

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